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Understanding Car Shipping Paperwork

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Making sure your that all your State To State Towing paperwork is in order should always be a concern of yours AND the Car Shipping company. To assure that you understand it, here is some information on some of the standard Vehicle Shipping papers.

Insurance – The first is the Auto Shipping insurance. Obviously, insurance is a no brainer; this covers your car in the case of unforeseen accidents. Obviously, you should be able to believe them when they “say” they are insured, but it is wise to see with your own eyes. Years of experience has shown us some horror stories of people that choose the cheapest Transport company (who didn’t have insurance) to save a few bucks and it cost them thousands in the end. We want to make sure this does not happen to you! Please, verify all State To State Towing insurance before you book and check the expiration dates!

DOT Authorization - The DOT Authorization tells you that they are authorized and “legal” to do their job. Obviously, there are federal and state guidelines that govern Auto Transport and it is your job to confirm that the Car Shipping company is in compliance. This also tells you what states they are authorized to work in. When Car Shipping companies receive their authorization, they specify what states they are going to work in and you want to make sure that your states are covered.

Bill of Lading (BOL) – This is a standard receipt provided in all types of transport and one will be given to you by the Vehicle Shipping company. This document protects both parties involved is full of valuable information about you and the car (mileage, make and model) at the time of Auto Shipping pickup. It is on the BOL that you and the transporter will inspect your vehicle (inside and outside) for existing damage before and after transport. This gives you proof of the condition of the car before and after loading the car on the auto carrier. This is a legal and binding Transport document that will be your friend in the event your car is damaged during. Do not give any car shipper your car with out first getting the BOL. It is on you to make sure it is completely filled out with mileage, VIN number, plate number, and all else that is specified on the BOL. Remember to ask the State To State Towing for a copy of the BOL.

Obviously, Auto Transport companies have different policies in place when they move cars, so make sure you ask your Car Shipping driver if there is anything else you need before your car drives away!

To find out more about the basics of Vehicle Shipping or to get a quote, please call us now and speak with our Auto Shipping representative.

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