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As a customer of a future State To State Towing move, you probably have a lot of questions running through your head, especially if this is your first move. If you are like others, the first and most pressing is about pricing! How much will Auto Transport cost? Well there are several factors that play into your Car Shipping price.

First you must consider your options. What type of transport do you need?

- Open Car Transport or Enclosed Vehicle Shipping - Open Auto Shipping is the less expensive and most common way to ship a vehicle. Your vehicle will be shipped on a trailer that is exposed to the elements. Enclosed Transport is typically more expensive and protects your vehicle from dust, rain, snow and other elements. If you have a high-end, exotic or collectable vehicle, you may want to consider shipping enclosed.
- Door-to-Door State To State Towing State To State Towing – This is as simple as it sounds…door to door Auto Transport is picked up and dropped of at your point of origin and destination (it can be a house or business). For Car Shipping, your vehicle will be picked up and dropped off at a secure lot or storage faculty as close to your origin and destination as possible. Either one will use the same Auto Transport truck and company, its just that the destination is changed.
- Operable or Inoperable Car Shipping – This is pretty simple too; operable means that the car runs and has the ability to drive onto the Vehicle Shipping trailer. Inoperable means that is does not run and cannot “drive” on the Auto Shipping trailer without some help. Typically, inops require the Transport company to pull the vehicle onto the truck using a winch system. If your vehicle is inoperable you need to let the State To State Towing company know as soon as possible, so they can make sure the truck that picks up your vehicle has the proper equipment.

Once you know what type of Auto Transport you need, the only other info you need before you get your auto shipping quote is:
- origin/destination – include ZIP codes if possible
- approximate departure date
- type of vehicle(s)

Now that we have gathered the necessary information, we can give you your custom Car Shipping quote, we always recommend that you go to a site like ours, and get some comparative and competitive Vehicle Shipping quote to compare apples to apples. At this point, our only recommendation is this…don’t go with the cheapest quote just because it is the cheapest. Vehicle Shipping is a like other industries – Price does not equal value!!!

To find our more about State To State Towing and how we can get your car to you, call our office or fill out a Auto Shipping form and one of our agents will contact you shortly.

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