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At State To State Towing, we specialize in State To State Towing. We have become industry leaders in open Auto Shipping, enclosed, Auto Shipping, international Vehicle Shipping and even transporting motorcycles, boat, trailers, RVs and other heavy equipment to locations aross the country and around the world. This Auto Transport website is intended to give you the most up to date information on State To State Towing. Obviously, if your desired info is not found, call one of our Auto Shipping representatives. Here, you will find a detailed checklist Vehicle Shipping. Again, if you have any questions, call our office to speak with us!

1. Remove personal belongings from the car during Auto Transport.

State To State Towing companies require it because the law says so. In fact, the US Department of Transportation can give up to a $10,000 fine for a Auto Shipping that does not abide by this.

2. Clean your car before Vehicle Shipping.

We recommend this before Auto Transport because your car will be visually inspected before transporting. The cleaner your car is the more likely the driver and you are to spot and dents, dings or scratches. After your car is delivered, the same inspection will be done and a clean car is easier to spot these than a dirty one.

3. Should I keep insurance active during State To State Towing.

State To State Towing companies are supposed to carry insurance for issues, but the insurance has a lot of fine print that you should look over before Auto Shipping that eliminates them from liability. The more insurance the better. You can request a copy of their insurance before transport.

4. Have about a quarter tank of gas before Auto Transport.

The reason is weight. Obviously, your car should only be used to load and unload. We recommend that you take a picture of the mileage and the gas tank before State To State Towing.

5. Auto Shipping companies may charge extra for non-factory add-ons on.

This is true for vehicles which are oversized, have added things such as a luggage rack, winches or lights on a 4x4. All these add-ons add weight and take away valuable space during Vehicle Shipping

6. Turn off any alarm or security systems during Auto Transport.

It’s not that your car wont be safe, it’s that the alarm may go off and drain the battery!

7. Leave a good working number with your contact during State To State Towing.

Vehicle Shipping companies typically contact you with status updates or exact delivery times. A number is also important in case of emergencies.

8. In cold temps, ensure antifreeze and other fluids are duly checked before Auto Transport.

State To State Towing companies are exempt from responsibilities when problems occur and may charge you if there are problems during Auto Shipping. This also includes engine damage on frigid temperatures.

9. Relax!

For rookie shippers, there may seem to be a big risk, but there are thousands of cars being transported every day!

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