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Auto Transport is possibly one of the most competitive industries in America; between carriers and brokers, there are literally thousands of Car Shipping companies to choose from. Selecting the right Vehicle Shipping company and getting the right Auto Shipping price can be challenging. To start, moving a car is no different than any other service, the first thing you want to know is the same question you ask when you use other services and that is how much will Transport cost? That is not the only fact to consider.

Truth is, there is really no “normal” or “standard” State To State Towing cost and every Auto Transport company that you speak to will give you a different Car Shipping price. Vehicle Shipping costs are set on many factors. Here is some valuable information you need to know before you begin the process of shipping your car.

Before we go into that, you need to know that Car Shipping is like many other industries…price does not equal value. The most expensive Vehicle Shipping company may or may not do the best job for you. The converse is also true; the cheapest Auto Shipping company may or may not be the best. Every company does things a little differently and the more research and homework you do with the potential Transport companies you are speaking with the better. Now on to price...

The first factor when moving a car is the type of vehicle. Common sense comes into play anytime you are doing State To State Towing. If you have a larger vehicle, it will obviously take up more room on the Auto Transport truck, thus it may cost more. Smaller vehicles will take up less space and may cost less. If you have a load of Ford f-350s, you can obviously load less than a Ford Focus.

There are other factors that go into the make and model that need to be communicated to the potential Car Shipping company which can impact the price; additions that have been made beyond “factory” can cause serious issues during Car Shipping. Vehicles that have been lowered or raised, cars with ground effects and other after market additions like lights, winches and racks may need preferential treatment, which will cost you more.

The next thing to consider is origin and destination. The origin is the place where the Vehicle Shipping truck picks up the vehicle and destination is where it will drop off the car. Again, using common sense here, your Vehicle Shipping price will be impacted by the distance from point A to point B.

Other considerations that need to be made are the frequency of travel that Auto Shipping trucks go you locations, the farther off the “beaten trail” the more it will cost you. It makes sense that states like Maine and Montana are more challenging and higher priced than Florida and Texas.

Next week look at your approximate dates. The more flexible you are for the Transport dates, the better. The more notice you give them the better. State To State Towing has some seasonal runs and if you are fortunate enough to fit into those runs, the better your Auto Transport price.

Lastly, comes your Car Shipping shipping options. Anytime you venture from normal, open auto transport, the higher the prices. Different options are...
Enclosed Vehicle Shipping – your car is transported inside a Auto Shipping truck that protects it from the elements. This extra touch will cost you.
Expedited Transport – this is a “rush” job. It means that you need the car picked up ASAP. In most cases, we can get your car within 48 hours. This extra time will cost you.
Inops. State To State Towing – Inops. or inoperable means that your car does not run and it will need assistance getting onto the Auto Transport truck. In most cases, a winch system is used. This extra time will cost you.

There may be some other Car Shipping options you may consider, but these are the most common and each of them will cost you more money.

All these factors go into your Vehicle Shipping rate and each company will give you a different price. You will find that doing some research will give you a ballpark figure and you can go from there. You can do a simple search and get some Auto Shipping prices, but we recommend that you use someone like us that actually has trucks because that can definitely save you money during Auto Shipping.

To speak with our State To State Towing representative, call our office or click our Auto Transport price quote form, fill it out and our Car Shipping representative will get with you in a little while.

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